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Preschool & Kindergarten (K3-K5)

Our pre-school division focuses on social-emotional development. This is done through ample playtime; teaching social-emotional language; and a rotation of “specials” that include physical education, music, Spanish, and library time.  

For many in K3, this is their first introduction to school. This is a time for language acquisition; developing a sense of independence; and creating positive peer relationships.

Our K4 program has an academic program which lays the foundation for our K5 readers. There is a focus on phonetic awareness and growing their base of sight words. 

Students begin their year in K5 as preschoolers, but leave ready for first grade. Much of their learning still feels like play while on the carpet; working with manipulatives; and building three-dimensional objects as they learn geometry. There is increased group instruction time at their tables as they start to utilize workbooks and follow lessons delivered by the teacher using our interactive flatscreen panels.