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Student Support Team

The foundation of the Student Support Team is to address the academic, social/emotional and behavioral needs of the students.  We support students and families as we navigate various life issues compassionately. Our team approach involves all stakeholders: staff, families, students, and private providers.

The Student Support Team schedules students for support throughout the school day as needed, provides necessary accommodations for testing and various task support needs, and may provide some specialized instruction. The Student Support Team can also help you as a parent decide if a formal educational evaluation or other screening would be helpful to your child’s success. The program’s success is built upon building relationships with families, students, and staff to ensure open communication related to the needs and success of all students. Through these relationships, students and families are comfortable expressing their needs as we work together for solutions as we strive to meet the needs of all students.

While the Student Support Team is capable of meeting many needs, we also recognize that our environment may not be conducive for all students. When putting students first, it is our belief that communication is a key component to a successful school community. With communication comes an honest and compassionate conversation for appropriate placement, needs, and decisions.

  • Private based resources and providers may include: Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapists, Audiologists, Orton Gillingham Specialists, Counselors, Educational Psychologists, tutors and various physicians.