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Why choose BSCS?

BSCS is the perfect place for families looking for a small, close-knit community that provides a sense of belonging, community support, a safe environment, a Catholic-identity. BSCS is the ideal school to meet and exceed your family's educational and spiritual expectations.

Do I have to be or do I have to become Catholic in order to enroll my children? 

No, BSCS welcomes all families, regardless of faith denomination. All students attend religion class daily and Mass weekly at the church.

What are the advantages of a Catholic education?

Catholic school education is built on the foundation of a faith-based community. One that includes individual families, the parish family and the diocesan family. At Blessed Sacrament, we are proud of the incredible work we have done engaging the mind, challenging the body, and enriching the soul of each and every student of our school community over the past 70 years. With a faith centered educational approach, our students are challenged academically, encouraged to spiritually connect, build a faith bond and education that will grow with them beyond their years at BSCS. 

How do you keep the children safe at school?

All exterior doors are locked at all times during the school day. The perimeter of the school is a fenced in and secured by locked gates. Additionally, throughout the school, there are security cameras on the exterior and interior.

Are tours available?

Yes, we encourage you to schedule a personal tour to see our program. We offer tours Monday-Thursday, between 8:30am-11:00am by appointment only. Tours typically take 30-45 minutes, and you will have an opportunity to see our classes and school while asking any questions you may have.  

These tours are by appointment only. Please fill out this form to set up a tour.

How do Catholic Schools keep up with technology?

IFP, Chromebooks, typing, and computer standards.

Do you have ongoing or rolling enrollment?

Yes we offer ongoing enrollment. Schedule a tour by emailing OR click here to fill out our application.

What is the maximum number of students allowed in each class?

On average, class sizes are 18 students per class.

What is the school uniform policy?

Uniforms are worn daily at school. Click here for more information on our dress code.

When does your school day begin and end?

Our school day starts at 7:45am and ends at 3:00pm. There is early morning drop off starting at 6:30am and extended day available until 6:00pm. Morning carline begins daily at 7:20am and ends promptly at 7:40am. Afternoon carline begins daily at 3:00pm and ends at 3:15pm.