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Blessed Sacrament Catholic School’s commitment to our faith has established a tradition of Catholic values, service and academic excellence. Students are supported to reach their God-given potential, being offered vast opportunities to grow the mind, body and spirit. (Adopted December 2022)

BSCS is a Catholic educational environment where our students’ learning is not limited to the classroom. BSCS students, as members of God’s family, have obligations to church, family, country, community, and those less fortunate than themselves. We are a Christian community where students, administration, faculty, clergy, and parish and school organizations work together in an environment of respect and support. 

BSCS students and families participate in various outreach projects and acts of service during the school year. Each grade at BSCS has a Patron Saint and fosters a school-wide service project focused on the interests of the saint. These projects awaken a sense of responsibility in our students as they respond to others’ needs. 

Our logo is reflective of our traditions and who we are! Including the Eucharist symbol is representative of our beliefs – that Jesus is present in our lives and in our school – showing similarity with the stained-glass window at Blessed Sacrament Church. Blue has been the main color of BSCS throughout the history of the school. Green has been the athletics color for the school and is indicative of the sports ministry of the parish and school. 

Engaging the Mind. Challenging the Body. Enlightening the Soul. Helping students reach their God-given potential since 1948. 

Parents who enroll their children at BSCS are committed to the mission, values, vision, and policies of the school. The Home and School Association (HSA) is a parent driven organization whose objectives are to promote the welfare of students by nurturing fellowship between families and BSCS. They sponsor fundraising activities, coordinate volunteer services, and promote BSCS to the community. 

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Parish was established in 1944 by Monsignor John McCarthy, who is known for having said, “A church without a school is only half a church.” In early 1948, construction of BSCS began with the original building - two classrooms (and room for two additional classrooms). St. Patrick’s convent (downtown Charleston) provided two nuns, Sister Carina and Sister Theophane, to assist with opening Blessed Sacrament School with 108 students in kindergarten, first, and second grades - thus began Blessed Sacrament School (now Blessed Sacrament Catholic School)! 

In 1953, the main school building was completed with five new classrooms and an assembly room. The school had kindergarten and Grades 1 through 6. Later in 1953, an annex was added to provide four more classrooms. In 2006, renovations included updating the classrooms, completing of the Father Joseph F. Hanley Early Childhood Development Center, and later, an “annex” to connect school buildings for dedication to enrichment areas of music, art, PE, and computer.

From its beginning and until June 2013, the Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius had a continued presence at BSCS. Many of our faculty are graduates of BSCS who have chosen to teach at their alma mater. Children of our faculty and staff are current students at or graduates of BSCS. Among our distinctions is that our former pastor, Monsignor Joseph F. Hanley, was a member of the first graduating class at BSCS!  

Since 1948, BSCS has been an educational community dedicated to a strong “Tradition of Excellence” as students have been guided to be involved members of the church and society. With God’s grace, BSCS students will continue to enlighten their faith through prayer, service, and love.