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    Until September 6th, students should bring their lunches and snacks from home. 

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    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School

Our Mission Statement

Blessed Sacrament Catholic School is focused on educating each student by emphasizing our Catholic faith and upholding academic excellence through engaging the mind, challenging the body, and enlightening the soul.



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Schoolhouse Fare

We are excited to announce that our new lunch program will be managed by Schoolhouse Fare.  Online ordering begins August 24, with Lunch Service starting TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2016.

1.  Click here to access the site:

2. Click "Register" to Create an Account. Our school password is BSS 

3. Click "Order" at top of nav bar and go to month for which you wish to place order.

4. Click "Order" link on calendar to begin placing orders.

5. Check out and pay.

6. Click here for more info:  Schoolhouse Fare.pdf 

Welcome to our new website!

Thank you for your patience as we finish the transition to our new platform! We hope to have all pages and links fully completed by September 1st!


Principal’s Newsletter

August 25, 2016

Dear Parents,

Welcome back and welcome to BSCS to all our new families! Our first week of school is over and good things are happening! It is great seeing all the students, parents and teachers, and having everyone back in school!

New Lunch Program: Our lunch program this year will be handled by Schoolhouse Fare. It features online ordering and payment. Registration and ordering starts Wednesday, August 24, 2016, with lunches beginning on September 6th. See the website for link and details.

This is a reminder that all students except 5th and 8th grade must be in the new school logo uniforms by the end of September. Girls must also be wearing the wide plaid. (Please check the website.)

Next Tuesday, August 30th, Is Open House. Come hear what your children will be learning in school this year. It begins at 7:00 pm. Go directly to your child’s classroom.  If you are new to BSCS, we will meet at 6:30 pm in the Library.

 Music classes are off to a great start this school year. Rules and procedures were discussed and most classes have already started playing on the instruments and singing. Choir will begin next week! Choir 1 will consist of 2nd thru 4th grade and will practice on Mondays 2:30 until 3:30. Choir 2 will consist of 5th thru 8th grade and will practice on Tuesdays from 2:30 until 3:30. In order to attend choir practices, please turn in the choir registration form to Ms Barabas.

 Spanish classes are working on greetings, introductions, saying where you are from, names of official Spanish-speaking countries and locations, numbers 1 to 10, exchanging phone numbers in Spanish, days of week, months of the year, the weather, alphabet, and classroom phrases using posters, pictures, gestures, puppets, songs, and the smartboard.

 In Physical Education, grades K3-K5 are learning loco-motor skills and gaining an understanding of personal and general space. 1st – 8th graders played "get to know you" games. Also our 8th grade class is in charge of creating the monthly prayer for students to say when they come to PE class.

 Classes in Visual Art began with a unit about light sources and shadows.   All ART students are learning new techniques with pencils. Last week they drew 2D Geometric shapes and turned them into 3D forms by using shading and shadows. This week they will continue by combining the forms and creating a still life. This unit will continue for several weeks giving students time to master new techniques.

 Library class is off to a great start this year! Who doesn't like being read to? The Kindergarten classes love Eric Carle's books especially The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Very Clumsy Click Beetle which actually clicks. First grade read Harry the Dirty Dog along with the stuffed animal. Second grade is reading a wonderful story The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Third Grade reads No Talking by Andrew Clements. Fourth grade 's story is Island of the Blue Dolphins. Fever, 1793 is for fifth and sixth grades. For seventh and eighth, Mrs. Perry is reading from an anthology which includes essays and  poems. They are also working on library and research skills.

From K3 Mrs. Teegardin’s class: “We read several books including “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” and then found the letters of each child's name to put up their tree, learned about words that start with A, and made ducks to resemble the ones in “Make Way for Ducklings”. This week we are learning about our new friends and their families and are perfecting the art of walking in a line and sitting on the rug!

K3Y Ms. Yesalavich’s class is learning that the Bible is God's book, and are focusing on the verse Acts 16: 31. They have sung the worship song “Deep and Wide” as a class,  learned that A is for Apple and made an apple craft, and sang songs about the letter A and the alphabet.

Last week, K4S, Ms. Sanford’s class, learned new classroom schedules and routines.  Along with learning new routines, K4 is learning about their classroom friends!  The children are bringing in All About Me Bags this week.  They are filling a paper bag with 3 items that describe themselves.  The children will share the items with their classmates and learn different things about one another.

Mrs. Hemingway’s K5 class reports:WOW, we have had an amazing time getting to know all our friends and teachers! We have had all smiling faces and nothing but fun! We are working on building a classroom community that is optimal for learning and developing. We are learning how to use our new textbooks and workbooks. Lastly, we did our self-portraits, enjoyed “Pete the Cat” stories, practiced our prayers and learned all about our friends. It is going to be a great year!

From Grade 1D: We have been learning our A PLUS rules and made Popsicle stick ten frames to learn our numbers.

Grade 4S Report by Dallas S. and Bennett M.: We have had an exciting time here in 4th grade! We are getting to know each other with our penny time lines! Each year of our life is shared with a picture of an event from that year and a penny. In class, we are learning about the Scientific Method, landforms in Social Studies and place values in Math. In Art, we are learning about 3D circles. It’s been an adventure!

7th grade reviewed Johnny Tremain by discussing the movie and watching the Disney classic film. The test over the book is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 25.

8th grade is reviewing The Book Thief in preparation for a test on Friday, Aug. 26 by watching the movie and class discussion. They are comparing the book to the film.

Grades 6,7, and 8 will begin work in their Sadlier Vocabulary series this week.

Homeroom 7T is organizing a saint project on St. Philomena, healer of blood related illnesses. They will be working with Grade 3D and relating their chosen saint, St. Mother Theresa, who cared for the sick and St. Philomena by collecting " Pennies for Patients" during the month of September. All proceeds will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Literature students have begun giving oral Book Reviews on their summer reading.  It has been really interesting to learn what their books were about and their thoughts and feelings about what they have read.  Some students became enthused and wanted to read the books, as a result of the peer reviews.... life is good in our Literature classes.  It's all about READING!!

Thank you for entrusting your children to us.  We look forward to a year that engages the mind, challenges the body and enlightens the soul.

God bless,

Katharine Murphy


School Uniforms

  BSCS day-to-day and PE uniforms are required for K4-8th grades and can be purchased from:

  • Read's Uniforms, 946 Orleans Road (across from Citadel Mall) 843-852-7878  (Code: BSCSSC)

  • Land's End

    • Beginning with this school year, all uniforms must have the logo that includes the chalice.  This includes the polo shirts, PE shirts, PE shorts, PE sweatpants, hoodies, and fleece jackets.  (8th graders are exempt from this change. If the purchase of a uniform item is needed, it must have the recent logo.)
    • Girls may wear logoed polos with the navy skort as an option in the warmer months - August through October; April through May/June.  Middle school girls may wear the logoed polo with the plaid skirt throughout the year (instead of the oxford blouse).
    • Boys may wear belted, navy shorts (knee length) as an option in the warmer months - August through October; April through May/June.
    • Skirts and jumpers must be the larger plaid and not the smaller plaid manufactured by "R-Rifle."  (8th grade and 5th grade girls are exempt from this change. If the purchase of a uniform item is needed, it must be the larger plaid.)
    • Girl day-to-day shoes must be docksider- or Wallabee-style, single color, in brown, tan, black, or navy blue.  Girls up to 4th Grade may wear Mary Jane-style shoes. 
    • Boys may wear any type black or brown leather shoes, so long as they are not tennis shoes. 
    • Tennis shoes should only be worn with the PE uniforms.
    • For 6th-8th grades only, PE sweatpants may or may not have ankle elastic.


 New Plaid Uniform                     Old Plaid Uniform

Why Choose BSCS?


Blessed Sacrament Catholic School opened its doors in September 1948.

We are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and by the Catholic Diocese of Charleston.

Our Junior Beta Club, a national honor and service organization, has 25 members from the 7th and 8th grades. 

Our 8th graders scored 4 grades above the national norm in Social Studies, and 3 grades above in English, Language Arts and Science.  

Four of our 8th graders were named as BSCS Junior Scholars and took the PSAT. Seven of our 8th graders scored in the 95th percentile on a standardized test, qualified to take the SAT and were named as Duke TIP Scholars.

Our Learning Enrichment Accelerated Program (LEAP) provides supplemental, hands-on activities for students in Grades 2-5 and is the only one of its kind in the Charleston area.

Two of our faculty members attended the National Curriculum Network Conference at William & Mary, and The Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project of Content Literacy at Columbia University in NYC.  

Our students collected and donated 485 pairs of socks to MUSC’s Children’s Hospital, and 188 pet care items to Pet Helpers Animal Shelter.

One of our faculty members was a presenter at the National Catholic Education Association Convention in San Diego, CA in April 2016.

Our 4th grade class assisted the SC Department of Natural Resources by harvesting, growing and planting Spartina grass this year.

Our 5th grade LEAP students created a video entitled “Stop Bullying Now” that has received almost 3000 views!

The girls volleyball team finished second in the regular season and in tournament play.  Our 2nd grade boys basketball team finished 2nd in the preseason tournament and 3rd in the St. Joseph’s League. The 3/4th grade girls basketball team finished 2nd in the St. Joseph’s league.

Our Tennis Team has 23 players and competed in the City of Charleston Youth Tennis League.  

Our 7th and 8th graders each have school issued IPADs.   

The 1st grade class completed over 10,000 math problems on IXL, which is an online mathematics program.

Our 3rd graders used “Plickers” as part of their classroom technology. Plickers is an app using “paper clickers” and a teacher’s iphone that allows the teacher to see students’ responses immediately.

 Our 7th and 8th graders completed more than 1400 community service hours.

Calendar of Events

  • Open House - 6:30 p.m. (new families); 7:00 p.m. (other)

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Open House, 6:30 p.m. (new families); 7:00 p.m. (others)

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Music Room

    Choir II Practice

    Choir II is for 5th-8th grade students. Practice is in the Music Room from 2:35 to 3:30 p.m. Students will be dismissed at the back gates on St. Teresa Drive or sent to Extended Care.
    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Library - New Families at 6:30pm, returning families go to your child's classroom at 7pm

    Open House

    Visit your child's class and get important school information
    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Wonderful Wednesday Ice Cream - $1 (lunch period)

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Live 5 Weather Forecast! 3rd Grade welcomes Mr. Bill Walsh!

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • 8:45a SCHOOL MASS - Everyone welcome!

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Tuition Office

    Monthly Tuition Payment Due

    Monthly Tuition Payment Due
    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church

    Father McCarthy Memorial Mass

    Join us for a special Mass on the 50th Anniversary of the death of our Founding Pastor, Father John J. McCarthy.
    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Labor Day Holiday - No school

    No School
    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • School Office closed

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Schoolhouse Fare Lunches begin today!

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • SCHOOL MASS - Bishop Robert Guglielmone

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Wonderful Wednesday Ice Cream - $1 (lunch period)

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church

    First Responders Mass

    Join us for Mass as we remember the 15th Anniversary of 9/11, and honor our local first responders.
    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Boy Scouts USA visits BSCS (K5-5th grades)

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • English: Parish Hall; Spanish: School Library

    1st Communion Parent Meeting

    Mandatory Meeting for parents of all candidates for First Reconciliation and First Communion. English Meeting in Parish Hall, Spanish Meeting in School Library
    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Parents Meeting for Boy Scouts USA

    School Library
    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Wonderful Wednesday Ice Cream - $1 (lunch period)

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Progress Reports (1st-8th)

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
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