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Projects for Middle School Students (6th, 7th & 8th Grades)


The Hub is a Microsoft Office Simulation that challenges students to complete
a series of real‐world projects that are necessary for the operation of the business.

This simulation is designed to allow students to use and apply their Microsoft Office knowledge
and skills in an integrated, real‐world business setting.

Student will assume the role of a "Microsoft Office Specialist" for The Hub, a fictitious for-profit
teen community social center located in the heart of Austin, Texas that was established for
the purpose of giving teens in the surrounding area a safe place to socialize, gather, and connect.

The Hub provides teens a way to stay connected to their peers with entertainment, music, video
games, dancing, and great food.

Assignments (Tasks) will include items from the following categories:

Word Processing using Microsoft Word 2013 (The Hub Press Release Word Processing Rubric.docx)

  1.   Press Release

  2.   Block Style Letter

  3.   Membership Plans & Prices

  4.   Entry Form

Spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel 2013 (The Hub Spreadsheet Rubric upcoming...)

  1.  Battle of the Bands List

  2.  Sub Hub Weekly Inventory

  3.  Weekend Attendance Sheet

Desktop Publishing (DTP) using Microsoft Publisher 2013 (The Hub DTP Rubric upcoming...)