Welcome to K5H!

Kindergarten is such an exciting year! We will introduce many skills and concepts in a group setting and then provide many times and ways to practice skills, and attain concepts independently.  Children will have opportunities to work independently, in small groups cooperatively, as well as one-on-one with a teacher.  Children will also have free-choice opportunities and creative choices on how they approach a task and express themselves.


  • K3-K4-K5 Playdate - 10-11 am

    James Island County Park Splash Play

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Knights of Columbus Golf Tournament

    Shadowmoss Plantation

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • "Get the Scoop" - 5:30-7:30 p.m.

    Meet the teacher, bring supplies, get ice cream!

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - Welcome back!

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Noon dismissal - NO EXTENDED DAY

    Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
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Ice Cream

 ice cream truck Wednesday - $1






Specials Schedule

Tuesday- music and P.E.

Wednesday - Library

Thursday - Spanish

Friday - Art and Computer


No homework!



Sight Words!

set 9: was, that, play, him, her

8th set: are like, on they, am, purple

7th set: are he, she, all, at, white

6th set: little, not, run, where, black

5th set of sight words - big, me, up, orange, said

4th set - sight words: yellow, my, in, we, look

3rd set  - 3rd set of sight words: see, green, go, can, you

2nd set: blue, for, it, is,  to

1st set: red, and, a, I, the