Special Area schedule

Monday: 12:40-1:30 Computer

Tuesday: 7:50-8:40 Library

                    8:40-9:30 LEAP

                    9:30-10:20 Spanish

Wednesday: 12:40-1:30 PE

Thursday: 12:40-1:30 Music

                      9:00-9:45 LEAP

Friday: 7:50-8:40 Art

AR requirements

AR points are individualized.

4th quarter points are due May 25.

5K Announcements

Scholastic Book Club online code: GY3QZ







Homework Calendar

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Religion 5 - Moore

  This year we will focus on the sacraments and many New Testament events.  We will review basic Church teaching and delve deeper into our faith as Catholic Christians.   We have homework nearly every week due on Wednesday and a test nearly every Friday.  



Classroom needs:

printer ink- black  or color (HP63)