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The Arts

The Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Visual Arts program uses the national art standards to ensure that each young artist has a strong foundation. Through the arts, we strive to strengthen each student’s self-confidence; create strong communication and critical thinking skills; allow time for personal reflection; and build knowledge of the fundamental elements of art. These goals are accomplished through a variety of artistic styles, mediums, and exploration of two and three-dimensional artwork. Students learn to critique one’s own artwork; grow their art vocabulary, and learn through research and artist studies. There are ample opportunities for students to display their artwork and share it with friends, family, and the community through art shows and contests.

The Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Performing Arts Program ensures that each student is given an introduction to music and develops a foundational understanding of musical knowledge. Given the research of the importance and contributions of music to cognitive development, and the positive correlations for student growth, music is a necessary subject for the 21st century and a viable career path for students. Music education improves language skills, hand-eye coordination, memory, and cognitive function. It also facilitates teamwork; builds self-esteem; teaches responsibility; provides stress relief; and fosters creativity. Students at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School will learn in a safe environment how to move to music, sing, play classroom instruments, compose music, and perform.