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Answers to frequently asked questions:
Do I have to be or do I have to become Catholic in order to enroll my children?
No.  Neither you nor your children are required to be, or become, Catholic to attend BSCS.  As a Catholic, Christian school, we do require all students to be part of our daily morning scripture, prayers, and pledges.  Students in grades K4 through 8th attend Mass in the Blessed Sacrament Church and are expected to be quiet, reverent, and respectful.  
Do you have ongoing or rolling enrollment?
Yes.  Families may register and enroll students up through the last quarter of the school year.
I don’t know that I can afford tuition.  Do you have financial aid?
Yes.  BSCS has need-based tuition assistance as well as other supporting programs.  Applications for tuition assistance are primarily managed by the family’s parish.  To apply for those funds, that parish office should be contacted.  Financial assistance is primarily awarded annually prior to the start of each school year.   
In emergency situations during the school year, support from the Father McCarthy Scholarship fund may be available although funds may be limited.
Are there discounts to tuition?
Yes.  BSCS offers discounted tuition rates to active parishioner families of Blessed Sacrament Parish.  Supporting documentation will be needed.  With the possibility of more than one assistance program available, each requires application and documentation.   Non-parishioners of Blessed Sacrament Parish should request assistance from their specific parishes.
BSCS is blessed to have a parish-supported tuition assistance, the Father McCarthy Scholarship Fund, available to all enrolled families - active Blessed Sacrament Parishioners, other Catholic parishes, and non-Catholics.  In emergency situations during the school year, support from the Father McCarthy Scholarship Fund may be available.  This fund is need-based, and funds are limited.
Do you have before and after school care?
Yes.  Our Extended Day program begins at 6:30 a.m. for early drop off and after school from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The program is designed to include homework time immediately after school and outdoor time afterwards.
What is FACTS?
FACTS is a third-party company that BSCS uses to help manage tuition and tuition assistance processes.  FACTS provides a consolidated source for families to use when applying for tuition assistance and to make monthly tuition payments.
Do you have sports?
Yes.  BSCS Bishops participate in a wide-range of sports, including volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, and tennis.  Although soccer and baseball are not part of the sports offered at BSCS, teams are available through the City of Charleston sports programs.
Do you have extracurricular activities for students?
Yes.  There are a wide variety of activities available for students.  These include Altar Servers, Beta Club, Choirs 1 and 2, Readers Group, Running Club.
My child has special needs.  Are you able to accommodate them?
Yes, in some cases.  We want to offer all children the opportunity to achieve their full potential.  A meeting is required with the principal and our Academic Support teacher to make sure that the educational and spiritual needs can be met.